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Winning Recipes Ebook

Winning Recipes is also available online at Amazon as an Ebook! Click the link below to find out more.

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Creating Winning Recipes

Winning Recipes: By America’s Finest Athletes and The Purple Project is now available for pre-order🎉💥🎉:Over the past year we have worked with 40 US Olympic, Special Olympic and Paralympic team members to create a cookbook to support survivors of domestic abuse. Each athlete has selected their own dish and composed their own pages. Giving you a personalized experience with each athlete.This project has shown us what a labor of love really is. And we are so thankful and so blessed to have such a dedicated and determined team.From our athletes, chefs, photographers, graphic designers, editors, media specialists and support staff - Winning Recipes took over 100 wonderful people in total to bring it to completion.We hope you enjoy this cookbook...

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The Purple Project

The Purple Project is a nonprofit organization that provides aid and support to domestic violence shelters in need. To learn more about TPP and our mission please visit

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